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EMK Press is currently inviting submissions from foster care teens, alumni, and adoptees. We welcome you to share one or more recipes or food-related stories that are meaningful to you personally.

This could be a meal for that reminds you of a special time in your life. A recipe for the first meal you learned how to cook when you moved out on your own. We also welcome your words of wisdom -- things you wish that other people had taken the time to share with you during key moments of your life.

Why submit? Why share my story? Why share a recipe? What's the purpose? What's this effort trying to achieve?

The goal of this effort is to gather together recipes and food-related stories by and for foster youth and alumni, to be shared with today’s foster care youth, young adults, and those who support and care about them.

Food is one of the staples of community. People come together to eat and share stories. Along the way, we become more invested in one another.

We foster youth and alumni are connected through our shared experience and that makes us a community. Becoming a part of the national and international community of foster care survivors is a gradual process. Over time, we learn to support one another, trust one another and build each other up to our greatest potential.

When we relate to one another, we become less alone.

This book has the potential to be an incredible community-building tool. All of the proceeds will go directly toward funding Thanksgiving celebrations for youth and starting and supporting Foster Care Alumni chapters across the country.

So please: share a recipe. Share a story. Share yourself with the members of your community. You never know who will smile because they ate your cookies and laughed at your story.

You never know who will feel a little less alone because we all reached out to each other. Families have conversations and share themselves at the dinner table. Though we may not all sit at the same table, we are all one big foster family sharing our stories and sitting down together for dinner.

How To Submit:

All submissions should be entered in our online submission form. Please direct any questions to

The book will be edited by Patrick Burns and Lisa Dickson. If your submission is selected for publication, you will receive a copy of the book upon publication and a $10.00 iTunes gift card. One copy of the book and iTunes card per person.

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