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Using Books to Open the Adoption Dialog
by Jane A. Brown, MSW

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Books are great tools to use in dealing with all kinds of issues, from bullying to death to adoption and beyond. For a child to see that they aren't alone and for a parent to find some helpful ways to talk about tough issues helps. Here are some EMK Press parent guides you might find helpful as you work with your child to understand what adoption means to them and as your understanding of the lifeflong impact of adoption grows. For EMK recommended books, reviews and uses, head to our book recommendation page.

Parenting with Narratives:
the A, B, C’s of Adoption Stories

by Jean MacLeod
with a forward by
Daniel A. Hughes, Ph.D
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Adoption LifeBooks: Do’s and Don’ts
by Beth O’Malley
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My Experiences with Lifebooks
By Carrie Kitze
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Sample Lifebook for a 6 year old
with thanks to a 6 year old for sharing what she did with her mom.
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Baby lifebook
a photo only story to help parents practice the words and get children started on understanding their stories. PDF sample lifebook click here


We See the Moon

by Carrie Kitze
Illustrated by Jinshan Peasant Paintings

Many adult adoptees have gone through life wanting to ask questions about their birthparents, but felt the thoughts they have might make their parents uncomfortable. Then, these questions have remained unasked and unanswered. We See the Moon opens the adoption dialog at an early age by allowing the questions in your child’s heart to be asked and discussed creating the foundation for conversations to come.

This is a story written from the child’s perspective, asking the questions that dwell in their hearts about their birthparents. . . What do you look like? Where are you now? Do you think of me? It will help children use the moon as a private tool to connect with a family that is always with them in their hearts. Illustrated with beautiful Chinese Peasant paintings, and filled with evocative prose, this is a must have for all internationally adopted children. Click to see inside.

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Carrie Kitze’s book, "We See the Moon," is astonishing. I am using it successfully for children in therapy. Rather than carrying a typical narrative line, the author chooses a fresh approach. She pairs vivid, child-friendly Chinese paintings with child or birthparent voices. Children encounter these jeweled-colored images as they turn pages. They impose their meanings onto the evocative words.  It is a springboard for discussion as children incorporate some of the material into their stories. The scenes are magical ones that invite identification with their Chinese heritage.

This is an unusual book. Children are particularly drawn to it. My thanks to the author for providing this resource for children and their families. It makes a lovely gift book for families. It is a must-have for professionals.

Deborah Gray
attachment therapist, author of Attaching in Adoption:
Practical Tools for Today’s Parents
and Nurturing Adoptions: Creating Resilience After Neglect and Trauma


“It is a beautiful book complete with a familiar poem, expanded in meaning to empower parents and children to talk about adoption issues and open a lifelong dialog. I can’t wait to share this with my own children and grandchildren who also need to understand and incorporate the adoption stories that are now interwoven into the fabric of who we are and where we are going.”

Jane A. Bown, MSW
adoptive mom, facilitator of Adoption Playshops


"The book arrived yesterday and last night my nearly 6 year old daughter, adopted from China at age 15 months, and I read it. In the past, I’ve tried to have a dialogue about how she feels about her birth family and the lack of information on them. She has always replied that she never thinks or wonders about them and is not sad that she knows nothing of them. I knew this was not true, but I did not know how to get her to verbalize her feelings.

While reading this wonderfully simple but amazing book, she told me she misses her birth mother and is sad that she does not know her.

Two-thirds of the way through the book she said “I have a great idea!” She closed the book and said “Let’s go look for the moon.” In pajamas we went outside to look for the moon, but it was too cloudy to see it. I felt terrible, however, the book and the idea of the moon was so powerful for her that my daughter suggested we imagine we COULD see the moon...

Tonight we will look again to see if we can see the moon. If not, we will again imagine we can see it and continue to talk. I thank Carrie for giving me a tool to open this section of my child’s heart."

Adoptive Mom, Denver, CO


Your adopted child can be from anywhere ... and you and your family will be able to relate deeply to this book’s messages. The author uses simple language to elegantly express tender feelings of enduring curiosity and loss in adoption, even as it acknowledges the security of the adopted home. My 6-year-old was relieved to hear words describing how she felt. She seemed even more gratified as we read it together to know I was hearing how she feels and it is safe for us to talk about these topics. This book is amazing in the way it communicates the naturalness of feeling sadness, and offers a way to find comfort by connecting to birthparents through the moon, in words children can easily understand. Best of all, it reinforces an ability to love both sets of parents.

Adoptive Mom, Newport Beach, California







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