Don't Have Your Eyes

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I Don't Have Your Eyes


Outside Difference,
Inside Sameness

This activity is great to talk about differences in a classroom or with a scout troop. Designed to be used with the book I Don't Have Your Eyes for children from preK to 2nd grade.

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"As a teacher, you are always looking for ways to promote acceptance of differences among people. This is a very appealing book for primary levels and is a good source of an initial introduction to diversity."

Karen Wilkening,
First Grade Teacher
NJ Teacher of the Year,
adoptive parent


Parent Guide
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What is Transracial Adoption?
by Gail Steinberg and Beth Hall
Authors of Inside Transracial Adoption

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I Don't Have Your Eyes

by Carrie Kitze
Illustrated by Rob Williams

I Don't Have Your Eyes is a book for families who look different from one another for a variety of reasons....they may be a biracial family, one formed through foster care, a step parent family, kinship relationships, or a family formed by adoption. Just beause we look different, it doesn't mean we have no connection to one another. At younger ages, children love to match their parents and their friends. Matching on the outside is just one way. This multicultural book will empower your child to look beyond the physical features they have on the outside and look to the other things we share that are the same...ideas, thoughts, behaviors, morals, etc.

The illustrations are appealing to children and while there are not so many words, they are thoughtful and offer ways to spark discussions.

It is also is a great tool to teach young elementary students about differences. Use it with the free activity download below for a fun and powerful activity that talks about outside differences and inside sameness.

Ages 2-7

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i Reviews

Healing High Five
from KidsPeace

"With colorful, engaging illustrations and poignant content, I Don’t Have Your Eyes, by Carrie A. Kitze, presents a special message of acceptance to kids who live with someone other than their birth parents. The picture book’s first idea – “I don’t have your eyes, but I have your way of looking at things” – sets the tone for the lyrical statements that continue throughout the pages. Written in the voice of a child, the content is a series of sentiments that appeal to kids of all ages and present the perspective that children and parents can acknowledge their physical differences while celebrating their similarities.

This book was written with adopted and foster children in mind, but it is also highly appropriate for teaching children in any environment about celebrating differences. This book is a great resource for children in blended families, for kids facing new schoolmates of different races, or for any child who is beginning to understand that people have physical differences."

Healing Magazine
4125 Independence Drive Suite Four
Schnecksville, PA 18078


“My father, grandmother, and sister are all talented artists. Growing up, I knew that this was clearly a 'family trait' which I would never have. It took many years before I realized which 'traits' that my adoptive family had given me. For example, I have my father's dry sense of humor. How wonderful that your child can read I Don't Have Your Eyes and be gently taught about the strength of family bonds. Be prepared to read this book to your toddler over and over and over, it begs to be repeated. The captivating illustrations reflect the beauty of diverse families. Another wonderful book from the author of We See the Moon.”

Beth O’Malley
adoptee, and adoptive Mom, author of Lifebooks, Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child.



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