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Use this as a tool when you are co-creating a lifebook with your child. Another tool is Beth O'Malley's China specific workbook called My China Workbook. It's a series of fill in the blanks, open ended questions and simple truths about being adopted from China.




At Home in This World
-a China Adoption Story

by Jean MacLeod
Illustrated by Qin Su

"I am nine years old and someone a lot like you. Part of my life has been like a puzzle needing pieces, but I am understanding more about myself and my life everyday. This is my story...”

So begins the honest, lyrical reflection of a pre-adolescent girl on what she knows of her adoption from China, and the strength she gains from her acceptance of her bittersweet experience. While this child is from China, the feelings, wonderings and thoughts she has are universal.

The book addresses the underlying feelings and emotions that color the world of an international adoptee. At Home in This World effectively describes and empowers a young girl looking for acknowledgement, empathy and emotional validation. It also enables pre-teen readers to put their early lives into perspective, while emphasizing the supportive love that encircles them within their own families.

What is your life story? Everyone has a one, and with a little detective work you will be certain that no one has a life story as extraordinary as your own...

Guides for parents as they chat about adoption:

Guide to Using At Home in This World (printable version)

Adoption's Lifetime Issues (printable version) This 10 page guide gives parents tools to help their children navigate thoughts and feelings about adoption.


Ages 6-9

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